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Vital Signs

iconNo Home Page would be compete without the usual self indulgent stuff, and WhimperWeb is no exception.

Marijn Minty was born on 8th March 1996 and will probably get beaten up at school for having a name like that. But at least his mother didin't let his father give him the combined Unix/Domain name C:/Marijn/Minty.com Rubens

He weighed 7 1/4 lbs (that's 3.3kg) at birth

At the moment he was born he was awarded an Apgar score of 9/10, and a full 10/10 three minutes later. It is understood that he dropped the one point for having the complexion of a dolphin, but soon became a fetching baby-pink.

He has no goals, ambitions, life-plans or any of those other horrible American inventions, and has so far achieved nothing.

Talking of goals, he will probably never score a first team goal for Arsenal Football Club, although he is shortly to appear in the club program as the young Arsenal supporter of the week.

He will probably be a techno-dweeb when he grows up, and may even be interviewed in New Zealand InfoTech Weekly.

He may even become a games phreak, and infest the excellent InfoTech GameZone, which was constructed and is managed by his paternal gene donor (father) Paul Rubens

And finally...

Don't miss all the other Marijns at: http://www.marijn.org!

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